10 Of The Best Foundations For Your Skin Type
Lucy Adams
Flower Beauty

Try: Flower Light Illusion Foundation, $9.69 Light, glowy and won’t settle into lines. The perfect purse-friendly foundation for aging or dry skin.


Nars Light Reflecting Foundation, $73 With 70 per cent skincare ingredients, this formula cares for your skin, covers and gives a flawless finish.

Best for combination skin

If your skin is oily along your T-zone but dry elsewhere, then you’ve got combination skin. Rich or heavy foundations are not for you. Instead, look for both hydrating ingredients (hyaluronic acid, vitamin E) and oil-free, non-comedogenic options (that won’t clog pores) to control shine.

IT Cosmetics

Clarins Skin Velvet Foundation, $54 This clever mattifying formula is perfect for combination skin, containing hydrating ingredients to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier.

Rare Beauty
Mecca Max

Try: Mecca Max BB, $20 Just like a second skin. It provides light coverage, SPF protection and an effortless glow at a very affordable price.

Fenty Beauty
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