4 Workwear Looks That Aren’t A Suit



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Think workwear, and what springs  to mind?

Pencil skirts and pinstripe suits?  In today’s era of flexible hours and freelance life, work life has changed. “These days, everyone wants a work wardrobe that’s versatile. One with  layers, where pieces can be worn on  the weekend, too.”

Lill Jenner, stylist

This week we convinced Paige Griffith-Carmichael, marketing manager for Marks & Spencer, to model four outfits for women who need work wardrobes that don’t conform to the tired workwear trope.

The rise of slip skirts has been  a boon for anyone wanting a relaxed but polished look.

On the weekend, this is a skirt  that could be worn with a white t-shirt and trainers. But at work, the blazer pulls it together to create a more corporate look.

Layering neutrals is a stylist’s hack for those mornings when you can’t pull yourself together. There’s something very sophisticated and polished about it.

You can’t go wrong with a trench coat – and this one, which is very lightweight and completely waterproof is perfect for Autumn in Australia, when the weather’s stifling one moment and stormy the next.

The checkered pattern on  this plazer elevates Paige’s otherwise-casual jeans.  The shoes are a practical  take on the mule trend, with  a strap at the back ensuring that they stay on and  remain comfortable.

Although this dress could easily be worn with a heel or  a boot, the trainers make it more casual, as does the stripy top. The coat is the perfect boxy shape.

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