6 Of The Best Books To Read This Easter



Sex, Lies and Question Time

by Kate Ellis

“Timely, gripping and infuriating… a book for anyone who cares about women’s rights or politics in Australia."

Recommended by Anna

Who Is Maud Dixon?

by Alexandra Andrews

“A classic mystery-thriller – a battle of wits, complete with all the twists and turns bookworms desire.”

Selected by Benjamin Law, writer and broadcaster

The Imitator

by Rebecca Starford 

“A well-paced and beautifully written espionage thriller. A cross between John le Carre and Evelyn Waugh.”

Selected by Benjamin Law, writer and broadcaster


by Jennifer Saint 

“A feminist reimagining of a Greek myth.”

Recommended by Hannah

The Performance

by Claire Thomas

“Set in a Melbourne theatre, during the performance of a Beckett play, it explores the interior lives of three very different women.”

Recommended by Felicity

A Room Of Her Own

by Robyn Lea 

“The homes of 20 creative women, from interior designer JJ Martin’s colour-drenched Milanese apartment to artist Claire Basler in her ethereal French chateau.”

Recommended by Felicity

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