8 New Books  To Read This Weekend



Of Women and Salt

by Grabriela Garcia

"Follows a collection of mothers and daughters across five generations… and explores ideas around immigration, addiction, memory (and) the mother-daughter bond."

Recommended by Laura Brading, co-founder of book subscription service WellRead

My Father,  The Murderer

by Nina Young and Denise Young

"In her mid-twenties, Nina discovered the truth: her dad had strangled a woman to death before she was born."

Recommended by Alley Pascoe, writer and editor

Early Morning Riser

by Katherine Heiny

“It’s Heiny’s perceptive observations, which expose the quiet beauty of daily life that make Early Morning Riser so compelling.”

Recommended by Anna Saunders,  PRIMER co-founder

Power Play

by Julia Banks

“A thoughtful, honest, at times forensic examination of who wields power in the workplace.”

Selected by Benjamin Law, writer and broadcaster

Other People’s Clothes

by Calla Henkel

“Two American art students move to Berlin; one is grieving for her dead best friend, the other is determined to become some sort of Warholian It Girl at any cost.”

Recommended by Rain Francis, PRIMER’s  book reviewer

My Year Abroad

by Chang-rae Lee

“Set between New Jersey suburbia and south-eastern China’s megacities, this is a sprawling coming-of-age story.”

Selected by Benjamin Law, writer and broadcaster

She is Haunted

by Paige Clark

“If you’re also a short-stories agnostic, I think you’ll be converted by this collection.”

Recommended by Hannah-Rose Yee

The Other Side  of Beautiful

by Kim Lock

“A wonderfully heartfelt book about overcoming fear and finding home wherever you are.”

Recommended by Sheree Strange

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