The Best Books We Read Over Summer



Great Circle

by Maggie Shipstead

“Concerned with Marian Graves, rescued from a cruise liner as a baby and who dreams of becoming an aviator like her hero, Amelia Earhart, and Hadley Baxter, a former child star who plays Marian in a contemporary biopic.”

Selected by Lauren Sams, PRIMER contributor


by Stanley Tucci

“This is not an acting memoir, it’s a memoir of his life through food. And it is glorious.”

Selected by Lauren Sams, PRIMER contributor

Let’s Get Physical

by Danielle Friedman

“Told through the personal stories of the women who built fitness businesses, defied cultural norms and created new ways for women to take up space and power in the world.”

Selected by Lauren Sams, PRIMER contributor

The Paper Palace

by Miranda Cowley Heller

“Centred around one traumatic childhood event that forces her to choose between her much-loved husband and the life she always imagined she’d have with her childhood sweetheart.”

Selected by Lucy Adams, PRIMER beauty writer

The Game: A Portrait Of Scott Morrison

by Sean Kelly

“When it comes to his political philosophy, what he really and truly believes in, Morrison proves evasive. Short of ‘you’ve got to have a go to get a go’, he’s a man without a mission, a politician who views leadership as just a game.”

Selected by Felicity Robinson, PRIMER co-founder

Made In China

by Anna Qu

“Qu’s mother leaves her baby daughter with grandparents while she tries to build a life in New York. After a few years, she sends for Qu, but thegirl quickly discovers that her mother sees her as an unwelcome reminder of the past.”

Selected by Felicity Robinson, PRIMER co-founder


by Jonathan Franzen

“Explores the tension between freedom and duty, morality and egoism, and highlights the corrosive effects of drugs and mental illness.”

Selected by Anna Saunders,  PRIMER co-founder

The Competition

by Katherine Collette

“Frances is a 21-year-old with not much going on, other than her SpeechMasters membership and a shot at the $40,000 prize for best speaker … She’s feeling good about her chances–until someone from her past appears in the crowd.”

Selected by Sheree Strange, author and PRIMER contributor

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