If You Need  A New Book,  Read This 



Boy, Snow, Bird

by Helen Oyeyemi

“Oyeyemi’s keen eye is focussed on the fraught racial and gendered politics of ‘passing’.”

Chosen by Mykaela Saunders, winner of the Jolley Short Story Prize (2020) for River Story 

Anxious People

by Fredrik Backman

“About an ill-planned bank robbery that becomes a hostage situation.”

Chosen by Sephora Scott, The Antisocial Influencer 

The Overstory

by Richard Powers

“A beautiful, brilliant epic; environmental fiction with a dose of magical realism.”

Chosen by Rain Francis, book reviewer at PRIMER

How to Talk About Climate Change in  a Way That Makes  a Difference

by Rebecca Huntley

“Explores what motivates Australians’ climate politics – and how we change hearts and minds.”

Chosen by Jamila Rizvi

Such A Fun Age

by Kiley Reid

“Serves up incisive commentary on not only race but friendship, love and even capitalism.”

Chosen by Beverly Goh

Paris Or Die

by Jayne Tuttle 

“How much of yourself are you prepared to sacrifice for love?”

Chosen by Felicity Robinson, PRIMER co-founder


by Michelle Obama 

“Obama recounts the story of her childhood, early career and experience as First Lady.”

Chosen by Maddy Constantine 


by Curtis Sittenfeld

“Reimagines Hilary Clinton’s life if she hadn’t married Bill.”

Chosen by Anna Saunders, PRIMER co-founder

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