Why We're Calling Time On Smart Watches



“Alyce Tran, entrepreneuer and founder of In The Roundhouse, has never owned a smartwatch. Instead, she wears a gold Cartier Panthère, whether she’s busy on shoots or enjoying envy-inducing holidays.”

“I wear it every day,  in the shower, at the beach, in a dress, in activewear… it goes with everything because it’s essentially gold jewellery. Yes, it’s an investment but it’s  a classic.”

Alyce Tran

Tran is one of a growing number of women who are choosing to invest in classic watches. Sadly, not all of us are buying a Cartier, but ‘proper’ watches offer a welcome time out from  our always-on culture.

“As more of the world becomes digital, I think there’s great appeal in all things analogue, and classic watches have a lovely charm.”

Lucy Wood, stylist

Frédérique Constant $1,528

Cartier $11,100

Investment in traditional watches hasn’t come at the expense of smart watches; Australia has one of the highest per-capita spend in this category. The popularity of ‘proper’ watches is instead a reflection of Millennial and Gen Z’s appreciation of nostalgia and rising second-hand value.

Marron $189

March LaB $1,935

Start-ups like US-based Hodinkee and German Chrono24 are hoping to become the eBay for high-end pre-owned watches; with Millennials and Gen Z prioritising sustainability, they might just have the market to do so.

Cendré $209

Cendré $209

You don’t have to spend a fortune for a beautiful piece. Australian brand Cendré delivers vintage-inspired watches without the luxury price tag. Sure, they won’t match on quality but their pieces still feel special and timeless.

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Read more about  the allure of analogue watches at PRIMER.

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