Is This The New Botox?



As a beauty journalist, Iantha Yu has become pretty used to hearing every other invention hyped as “the next big thing”. Sometimes the hype was warranted, she says; other times, not so much. But the buzz around Profhilo was deafening. “I’ve been going to [cosmetic clinic] The Manse in Sydney for years and they couldn’t stop talking about it,” she tells me. “It was all over the beauty websites I follow, too.”

My BS antenna goes up anytime “buzz” is in the area, but I too was hearing a lot about Profhilo, from friends in the industry right through to my trusty editors here at PRIMER, who are always intrigued by new treatments. And after researching this story, I’m almost convinced the hype is real. First, Profhilo is unlike any other injectable out there, thanks to the fact it contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which is a supreme skin hydrator. 

Second, Profhilo has essentially created a new category, one the industry has dubbed “bio remodelling” because the treatment works on the structure and texture of skin, rather than freezing muscles or adding volume to specific sites. “Profhilo is a bio-remodelling agent,” confirms Dr Steven Liew, a specialist plastic surgeon and international ambassador for Profhilo. When I mention that the internet is also calling Profhilo an “injectable moisturiser” because of the hyaluronic acid, he says that’s not entirely accurate and offers this analogy:

Think of Profhilo like a fertiliser booster for skin tissue, activating important cells like fibroblasts (which secrete collagen) and keratinocytes (making up most of the outer layer of skin). Collagen and elastin enhance firmness and elasticity, two things I feel confident in stating we all want.

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