She Had 300k Followers. And Then She Quit Social Media



Around the world, the O.G. influencers are growing up, and after a decade or more of documenting the minutiae of their lives, an anonymous career I.R.L has a new allure. In the US, the trend is so pronounced that one former wellness blogger, Leigh Tilman, has launched an online course for influencers wanting to live an “offline” life.

The reasons for quitting are myriad. In Australia, some influencers struggle with the mental health effects of running a business where you are both the business owner and the product. Some exit after becoming mothers, unable to reconcile the candour required by audiences with the need to protect their children’s privacy. Others have simply “aged out” of a career that demands constant relevance. 

It would be easy to dismiss the travails as influencers as trivial. After all, their careers can seem ephemeral – tied to social media platforms that rise and fall on the tides of popularity – and their content is generally designed to steal attention (and wallet share), not change the world. But influencing – or content creation, as it’s also called – is big business. By 2025, it’s estimated that, worldwide, the influencer marketing sector will be worth $35bn, and in Australia around 75 per cent of marketers now include influencers in their advertising plans.

“Are you willing to reinvent yourself year after year? Because influencers are brands, and if you look at any retail brand, you’ll see they’re not the same brand they were 10, 20, 50 years ago. Like any brand you have to stay relevant, you have to stay ahead of the competitors in the market.”

– Kat Moses,  founder of MGMT talent agency

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We spoke to Zanita Whittington and Sharon Farrell about life after influencing. 


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