Mesh Ballet Flats. Really?



It’s been a long time since I’ve worn a shoe that attracted quite as many comments as my new mesh flats. Not all were complimentary.  “What are those shoes?” asked my eight-year-old daughter, with an expression that managed to convey both disgust and deep embarrassment that I would wear these decidedly non-Mum shoes to school pickup. “They’re definitely a fashion shoe,” offered another mum, valiantly.

In fact, these mesh ballet flats – an update on the traditional ballet flat, with a transparent mesh material on the upper – are very fashion, having been declared the shoe of the (northern) summer. Waitlists persist for even the most stratospherically expensive versions. They generally come in nude, black or white; they’re often decorated with crystals or studs; and they reveal the entire foot in a slightly unsettling way, which explains my daughter’s discomfort.

I can confirm that they are very breathable, perhaps too breathable on a 12-degree day in Melbourne. These are definitely summer shoes. But they’re also surprisingly comfortable. The strap holds my foot in place nicely and they’re a refreshing change from my usual sneakers.

“I’m on the waiting list for Khaite and Alaïa, but I’m contemplating whether I can actually go there... I really love them because they feel very new, in a material that feels quite futuristic but is also very breathable.”

– Anastasia Tushuizen, founder of Carte Blanche Bridal

Alias Mae   $199.95

ALAÏA    $1095

Christopher Esber $995

Read more about the shoe of the (northern) summer at PRIMER. 

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