All The Podcasts We're Listening To Right Now


In case you missed it, it’s the golden age of podcasting. Australians downloaded 2.8 million podcasts every day last year. That’s over one billion podcasts for the entire year, with the national obsession for the audio format increasing by a whopping 26 per cent in 2023. I’d like to think I’m responsible for at least a quarter of those stats. As well as consuming podcasts while I hang out the washing, prepare a meal, do the groceries, wait in line for even 30 seconds for a coffee, take a bath etc, I have also been known to insert my air pods while pretending to hang out with my family. Sorry guys.

And if I’m not listening to a podcast, I’m probably talking about one (apologies also to my friends who likely shudder every time I start a sentence with, “On a podcast I was listening to the other day…”). I related a little too intensely to Dolly Alderton’s protagonist in Good Material who, depressed post breakup, always has a podcast on as a sort of simulation for human company. We’ll leave the ‘Can Millennials Ever Sit Quietly With Their Own Thoughts?’ question for another article. But how does one cut through the supersaturation of podcasts to find their favourites? We turn to our more cultured and in-the-know friends of course, many of whom happen to have their own podcasts. Enjoy the list, dear listeners.

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