Poppy Lissiman: Meet The Colour Clash Queen



Poppy Lissiman’s wardrobe has swallowed the entire spare room of her Sydney apartment, where racks of clothes line every wall and shoeboxes teeter in precarious piles. It’s eclectic, a mix of vintage  Etsy finds, Korean t-shirts, and designer pieces.

Today, Poppy is best known for her eponymous global accessories label, which became stratospherically famous in 2017 when her micro  ‘Le Skinny’ sunglasses were worn  by everyone from Bella Hadid to  Rita Ora. The 32 year old now presides over a range of brightly coloured sunglasses and  cruelty-free handbags.

“I can’t remember ever not being into fashion. Everyone thought I was stupid, buying Louis Vuitton hair bobbles. But I just thought it was the coolest thing.”

At 21, her parents offered her the enviable choice of throwing a big party for her birthday or being given a Chanel handbag, and – you can see where this is going – she picked the Chanel. She opened her own retail store in 2011.

Poppy credits her mother, who was a buyer, for her creative approach to fashion, along with Perth’s isolation from the rest of the world. “Growing up [in Perth] we never had all the stores, and there obviously wasn’t online shopping. So, I guess I grew up with what was available, which was vintage… You just had to create your own style.”

“I just like a weird mishmash of prints that are just … loud. Like plaid, and really gaudy animal prints and, you know, ugly fashion.”

These days, Poppy is excited by the aesthetics of influencers; think Street-style personalities like Spanish stylist Bianca Miro Scrimieri and Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine.

Poppy is the first to admit that her aesthetic isn’t for everyone: “If someone says to me,  ‘Oh, that’s a crazy outfit’,  I’ll always take it as a compliment. I don’t think you need to take yourself too seriously when it comes to clothes, because they’re just clothes.”

Poppy Lissiman $215

Gucci $290

Zeynep Arcay $316

Poppy Lissiman $190

Calli $100

Poppy Lissiman $145

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