Why Am I Still Getting Acne?



“Mum…. Where are my pimple patches?”  yelled my daughter from the bathroom.  As beauty editor mum, this wasn’t exactly the beauty journey I’d envisaged we’d be sharing together.  When I waved goodbye to my teenage years, I thought I’d see the back of pimples, too. Sadly not, as I now find myself now with a delightful case of pimples, with a side of wrinkles!

Sadly, I’m not alone: acne is the eighth most common skin condition worldwide, with 25 per cent of women and 12 per cent of men suffering from acne in adulthood. What sets it apart from its teen predecessor is often its appearance, location, causes and treatment.

"Acne is essentially an issue with the skin, where the skin and pores are not functioning properly, oil is overproduced and the pores aren’t effective in eliminating it."

- Dr Shreya Andric, Principal Dermatologist Northern Sydney Dermatology and Laser

6 Acne myths busted

1. Acne skin is a family thing: TRUE 2. Toothpaste zaps zits: FALSE 3. Popping pimples helps: FALSE 4. SPF is important: TRUE 5. More is more: FALSE 6. Your diet is to blame: TRUE… and FALSE


Treating adult acne is a fine balance, explains Dr Andric, as adults tend to also experience sensitivity, dehydration and pigmentation – all symptoms of premature ageing.

Spot it

Spot treatments are great for the occasional spot – they’re usually loaded with anti-inflammatory (benzoyl peroxide) and anti-bacterial (azelaic acid) ingredients to help nix the spot stat. We’re big fans of tbh’s Acne Hack Spot Treatment.

Keep it clear

Chemical exfoliants such as beta hydroxy acids (salicylic acid) are effective at entering the pores and clearing them out. Avoid overly drying products (unlike teen acne) by choosing products with hydrating exfoliants like salicylic or glycolic acid, and Thymol and Terpineol, to help control bacteria. These exfoliants are usually applied as wipe-on and wash-off formulas such as lotions, gels or leave-on-treatments.

Smooth Operator

Hands up if you’re combating signs of ageing and acne. Retinol is also gold standard when it comes to blemishes, due to the increased skin cell turnover it provides.

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