This Week We Love

"These are the perfect summer shorts. I have these in black and I wear them on set and at the beach. They’re weighty enough that they keep their shape, and they last season after season. I’m looking at the white pair for the season ahead." - Lucy Wood, Stylist.

"Many an excellent bargain can be found at the Oroton Outlet store. I've had my eye this dress for a while. I'll wear it, with sleeves cuffed, open over white tailored pants, or with low strappy heels" - Lucy Wood, Stylist.

"Every Saturday, without fail, I find an hour to indulge in See Also - the podcast from Melbourne International Film Festival programmer Kate Jinx and critic and author Brodie Lancaster, as they chat about what they've been reading, watching and listening to. See Also has that perfect combo of smart chat and silly gossip that makes you feel like you've been hanging with your girlfriends." - Laura Brading, Books editor

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