Everyone Is Using Tret. Is It The Secret to Flawless Skin?



It was at a beauty launch that I first heard the whispers. It was a typically luxurious event, and I was surrounded by some of the best beauty editors in the business when one mentioned that, in the lead-up to her wedding, she’d been prescribed something called “tret”. Apparently, it had transformed her skin.

Over the next few weeks, the topic of Tret – or to give it it’s official name “Tretinoin” – seemed to crop up at every beauty event I attended. And so, of course, I looked into it. I soon learned that Tretinoin is a prescription-only, topical retinoid (or vitamin A) cream. Although it’s not new, it’s been generating buzz among beauty editors and in online beauty forums for reducing fine lines and boosting collagen – all in a matter of weeks.

"Tretinoin is primarily used to treat acne and improve the appearance of the skin."

– Yalda Jamali, All Saints Clinic

Retinoids like tretinoin are also anti-inflammatory, which means they reduce redness and swelling. They also help fade pigmentation and increase collagen in the skin, as well as increase epidermal thickness. The overall effect?  A younger, plumper, smoother complexion.

“My skin texture has massively improved while using it. I just have to be very careful with how much I use, and what other products I use with it."

– Dr Michelle Wong, Lab Muffin Beauty Science 

Science is on your side – Tret really is gold standard when it comes to solving a multitude of skin concerns. BUT that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone (hence being prescription only). You have to be willing to put up with some possible and quite nasty side effects until your skin adjusts.

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