Why Beauty’s Gone Weightless



Where once luxurious skincare was synonymous with rich creams and masks, now the best new products are ‘weightless’, designed to feel ultra-light and silky on the skin. You can see it in SPFs: we used to lather on thick, zinc-laden creams that gave our faces that flattering white sheen; today’s SPFs are formulated to sit lightly (and invisibly) on the skin while still providing next-level protection.

“Consumers are more educated and skincare regimens and technologies are becoming more sophisticated. People are layering more and wearing a cocktail of products on their skin.”

– Ava Chandler-Matthews, Ultra Violette co-founder

Ultra Violette $52

Rationale $112

When it comes to make-up, however, there’s been a definite reversal of the heavily contoured look. Instead, we’ve seen the ‘skinfication’ of make-up, which shifts the emphasis from covering up to showing off skin in its healthy, natural state.

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Westman Atelier $61

The right weightless formula will work for dehydrated or oily skins just as well as they will for sensitive or acne-prone types. These fluids are small yet mighty when it comes to skincare deliverables.

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