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Meet 12 Of The Best Sweatshirts Under $150

They’re the still the most hardworking items in our wardrobe

Felicity Robinson

Having lived in sweats last year, we were convinced they’d be relegated to the back of our wardrobe once semi-normal life resumed (like maternity clothes worn so often that you actually want to burn them post-birth).

But it seems the death of the sweatshirt was greatly exaggerated. Yes, sharper looks like tailoring are experiencing a resurgence, but sweatshirts remain a key staple of everyday dressing.

“The fabrication has improved so much in the last few years that they’re now a really good-quality piece,” says our shopping editor Tara. “They wash well, don’t crease and you can dress them up or down.”


Sweatshirts remain a key staple

Sweatshirts look great under a suit, but they also look chic with a statement earring, jeans and a heel, Tara adds.

This season’s pieces are more tonal than last year, as bold colours and pastels are replaced with cooler neutrals. The exception is the vibrant orange of Everlane’s sweater, which is everywhere in the shops right now – Country Road has an entire range devoted to it.

“There’s also a retro feel coming through in Everlane’s and H&M’s sweatshirts with the open collar and deep zip – they’re a chic take on trackwear,” says Tara. Like the new retro sneakers, this is a fun nod to the early 80s – and the perfect weekend top for slouchy Saturday mornings.



Verified Australian cotton sweat - ethical!




50% recycled polyester

BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is the co-founder of PRIMER

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