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12 Sandals To Suit All Tastes

Step right this way…

Anna Saunders

There’s no greater fashion crime than Crocs or slippers and socks, right? Wrong.

Even a few years ago, wearing Tevas, Crocs or UGGs would have seemed unimaginably gauche. But this summer fugly’ sandals are still going strong – and judging by the wintry woolly slides already on offer at Lucy Folk and ATP Atelier – the trend will continue into winter.

“Comfort has become a huge priority in fashion lately,” observes stylist Lucy Wood. “And the ‘ugly shoe’ has also become a way to add a bit of fun and interest to an outfit.”

Witness: the hiking sandal, which remains popular, although bolder and chunkier than ever.

Not convinced?

Luckily for the more minimalist-inclined, there’s an array of brands offering sophisticated, pared-back alternatives at the other end of the sandal spectrum. See: ATP Atelier and A. Emery – or one of the many fashion brands stepping into (sorry) the footwear market, including Camilla & Marc, Albus Lumen and AJE.

Here’s Lucy’s edit..






BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of PRIMER, and a proponent of hiking sandals

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