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4 Stylists On The Stars Who Inspire Them

Here’s where they get their ideas

By Naomi Chrisoulakis and Maeve Galea

We look to stylists for advice on how to sharpen our style, but where do they seek inspiration? We asked four of the best to tell us the people whose style they really admire (and how to shop it).


Princess Diana CREDIT: Getty

“She was never afraid to be bold in her choices”

Chloe Naughton, fashion programmer at Melbourne Fashion Festival

Princess Diana is my ultimate style queen. She was never afraid of colour or making bold choices. Although I’m much more monochrome in my style, I really admire her timeless, classic style.

Joan Didion’s packing list

A perfect example of a capsule wardrobe, Didion’s packing list was immortalised in the title essay of her 1979 collection, The White Album. I often think when I am traveling how little I wear and if I could incorporate this minimalism into me everyday life. Of course, I like options but I’m forever trying to reduce my consumption and refine my style.  

The Olsen Twins

I love their oversized clothing, how they still walk around with a huge Starbucks coffee and a cigarette (even though I don’t smoke and hardly drink coffee). To me, they’re characters in their own real-life movie. Their fashion is everything. Tailoring, layers, strong collars, beautiful fabrics. If I could should exclusively at The Row, I would. 

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

Her minimal and effortless style has stood the test of time; her ’90s wardrobe still feels modern. I constantly pull inspiration from her look.  

Caroline De Maigret CREDIT: Getty

“I love to be inspired by women who can show different ways to wear wardrobe classics”

Tara Morris, senior stylist at The Iconic 

Ever since I can remember I’ve been inspired by Chloe Sevigny, from her movies to her personal style – and her left-of-centre approach to fashion. 

Japan is also another source of great inspiration for me – the people, food, fashion. I love the cuts and fabrics of Japanese fashion, which sees the importance of functionality without compromising style. That said, I also love the ‘cute’ aesthetic of a boxy, practical white shirt with a little bow instead of buttons. 

Actor and model Caroline De Maigret is the epitome of French chic! I love her understated, classic take on dressing. And she demonstrates all the high-low ways of wearing a denim jean. 


“His style is unapologetically his own, bold and unique”

Lucy Wood, stylist and former fashion editor of InStyle Australia

I have some consistent inspirations when it comes to my styling work but also, inspiring my wardrobe, and Luke Edward Hall is one of them. He’s a British artist, designer and columnist – and while I’ve been interior-mad recently, he’s been on my radar more than usual for an inspiration hit.

I love the way he combines a clever mix of old and new, colour and texture with such whimsy. His style is unapologetically his own, bold and unique. As new trends emerge, I can often be tempted and want to stray from my way of dressing. While it’s fun to try new things, I always return to pieces that make me happy and feel my best. After all, I do love the mantra of more is more.

As a colour enthusiast, it always interest me how other artists, designers, photographers incorporate colour.

Jane Birkin, source: Getty

“I look to the celebrities of the past who had impeccable style”

Kelly Hume, stylist and creative director, owner of The Rooms Milton

I shoot a lot of celebrities, and I look to the celebrities of the past who have had impeccable style, people like Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy. I particularly love the 1960s and 70s, and I’ve collected lots of books on that time over the years; the one I love most is a Cartier book of stars wearing Cartier watches, and I always come back to that for a flick when I need inspiration.

I love looking to interiors and thinking about how that translates into the world of fashion. Old World of Interiors magazines are a great reference point—I’m over the current beige and neutral interiors but I love the 70s and 80s aesthetic of mixing texture and fabric together to great effect, and then translating into an outfit.

I always come back to a very specific time and place that for me epitomises glamour: New York in the ’70s. It’s a fascinating era, so much went down in terms of fashion, and I think the timelessness of that glamour is what I love—thinking about Jerry Hall, Studio 54, Bianca Jagger.  


BY Naomi Chrisoulakis and Maeve Galea

Naomi is a writer based on the NSW South Coast and Maeve is our fabulous intern

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