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7 Brilliant TV Shows To Binge Watch Now

Because: winter.

By Anna Saunders

If ever there was proof that we’re living in a golden age of television – and that TV is no longer the sad and unappreciated understudy to cinema – then it was the season two launch of Big Little Lies this week.

Not only does Big Little Lies feature the kind of stellar line-up (Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern and Nicole Kidman to name a few) that most Hollywood producers can only dream of, but as of this week, it also features Meryl Streep. It doesn’t get much more prestigious than that.

What’s especially brilliant about series two of Big Little Lies is its timing: the series has launched at exactly the moment many of us are looking for a cosy (anti-social) winter activity. And Big Little Lies is far from the only great series on TV now.

We asked the PRIMER team (plus honorary extras – because, ahem, there’s not many of us) to give us their recommendations.

Got more? Tell us in the comments below. (We will definitely watch them. We literally have no plans until September.)

Fleabag (seasons 1 & 2) (ABC)

“You know that feeling when someone comes into your life and you don’t know how you ever lived without them? That’s how I feel about British actor/writer/producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge (it’s irrelevant that we’ve actually never met). Waller-Bridge, who is best known for writing Killing Eve, wrote and stars in Fleabag, a comedy about a 30-something woman living in London, navigating dating, grief and being absolutely broke. It’s the kind of show that makes you laugh so hard you’ll cry – while relating to every trial and tribulation.” – Isabelle Truman, writer and podcaster (After Work Drinks)

Killing Eve (ABC)

“Created by women, starring women, telling the story of, admittedly, psychopath assassins but female psychopath assassins nonetheless, Killing Eve is the kind of smart, sexy action thriller men get dime a dozen. Jodie Comer is great as the vain, petulant killer in a Molly Goddard gown (see image above) but it’s Sandra Oh as the obsessive MI6 agent tracking her down that will stay with you long after you’ve binged the first two seasons.” – Hannah-Rose Yee, writer 

Fosse Verdon (Foxtel)

“I’ve just binged the first three episodes of Fosse Verdon – a biographical miniseries about director and choreographer Bob Fosse (Sam Rockwell) and actress Gwen Verdon (Michelle Williams). Michelle Williams walks on water as far as I’m concerned – I adore her and she does not disappoint here. Sam Rockwell is excellent, too. He is routinely able to make you empathise with his character, despise him and lust after him all at once (or maybe that’s just me with the lusting). It’s very, very well done.” – Millie Bartlett, collage artist 

Dead to Me (Netflix)

Recommended to me by a friend who takes binge-watching next level, Dead to Me is a dark comedy about two women, Jen and Judy, who meet at a support group. Jen (played by Christina Applegate) is dealing with the raw grief of losing her husband to a hit-and-run, while Judy (Linda Cardellini) harbours her own tale of loss. Written by Liz Feldman (who wrote for Two Broke Girls, but we’ll forgive her) this is just the latest in a glorious run of smart, intriguing shows with all-female leads. – Felicity Robinson, co-founder 

Russian Doll (Netflix)

“Yes, it’s a comedy-drama about a woman who repeatedly dies and relives the same night over and over. But the time-loop storyline is genius, there are only eight episodes at around 30 minutes each (so totally bingeable) and Natasha Lyonne’s husky voice and curly fringe are everything– Sherine Youssef, beauty writer

My Next Interview Needs No Introduction (Netflix)

I loved this interview series with David Letterman! Surprisingly the Lewis Hamilton episode was great! (The Kanye one was weird though) – Lucy Adams beauty writer

The Letdown (ABC)

“Let me be honest: If you don’t have kids, this may not be your thing. But if you do (particularly if they’re small), then The Letdown may well be your next favourite box set. There are so many reasons to love this show – Celeste Barber being one of the lead actors. Or the slyly ambiguous title. But the true brilliance of this show is its relatability. Most mothers will see something of themselves or their experiences in the show’s main characters. (I did.)” – Anna Saunders, co-founder 



BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of PRIMER. She wishes her husband had the same taste in TV shows

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