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How To Dress Like A Street-Style Star

Even if you’re not going to fashion week

Anna Saunders

Officially, fashion week is all about the runway. But unofficially? There’s just as much to be gleaned from the editors, influencers and celebrities milling around outside the shows.

There’s a subtle formula for successful fashion week dressing – an Instagram-luring statement earring here, a bright shoe there – but the key ingredient is a sense of effortlessness and insouciance that generally belies some rather serious outfit preparation and planning.

One local stylist, for example, is known for planning her looks at least a month in advance. Another former – immaculately dressed – glossy magazine editor was famed for demanding that her fashion team style her, head to toe, every year. And let’s not forget the legions of influencers who are often loaned designer pieces, including those that are yet to be released to the public.


So although most people will not attend fashion week, there’s a certain consolation in knowing the sheer amount of planning that attendance would entail. And, besides, fashion week offers mere mortals – who barely plan outfits at all, let alone a month in advance – the opportunity to steal style tips from the well-dressed, better-organised women who do.

This year, our fashion editor Tara Morris is tipping that headbands, tie-dye, mini-handbags and blazers will be big, along with anything from Danish designer and It-girl favourite Cecile Bahnsen.

But if you’re looking for street-style-level polish without being “trend-heavy” (as Tara says diplomatically), then you can’t go wrong with a classic shirt and heels combination. “All you need is a white shirt, maybe oversized, a classic jean and a mule and you’ll look chic,” says Tara.

She also singles out a statement earring as a fashion-week-worthy piece. “If you aren’t looking to be the person getting photographed at fashion week, then a pair of statement earrings injects some fun. These Isabel Marant earrings (below) have an oversized ‘80s look which gets my vote.”


BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founderof PRIMER. She is attending fashion week and already regretting her lack of preparation.

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