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3 Fashion Editors On The Brilliant Australian Brands They Love

And the pieces on their wishlist

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In a week where the leader of the free world is advocating injecting disinfectant, and ANZAC Day services have been summarily cancelled because of the pandemic, the prospect of online shopping might seem somewhat… frivolous. Even the lighthearted phrase “retail therapy” feels a little off-key in the current climate, given the importance of actual, medical therapy.

And yet retail therapy is exactly what fashion brands are hoping for right now. For their sake, that is, not ours.

Last week, it was revealed that one in three British fashion businesses won’t survive another month of lockdown. Here in Australia, designers – hit hard by shop closures – have banded together to create the We Wear Australian campaign, offering generous discounts and charitable contributions to entice consumers to spend.

So, this week, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of Australia’s smaller fashion labels, and we’ve asked three stylists and editors to share their favourite pieces and designers.

Lill Jenner is a stylist who has worked at InStyle and marie claire

Asked to name some of her favourite Australian brands, Lill singles out “heroes of relaxed Australian style” Bassike as well as doyen of effortless cool Albus Lumen.

“I’ve also always had a soft spot for Arnsdorf. I LOVE the ethos behind the brand. Arnsdorf has been flying the sustainable, fair work trade banner for a long time! Jade, the designer, always seems to hit the classic, understated yet cool factor on the head.”

Lill also loves Christopher Esber, a designer who has perfected modern tailoring, pointing to this blazer as a piece that will last for years to come while also offering “something professional to put on over your tracksuit pants”.

Aileen Marr is a stylist who has worked for Grazia and Teen Vogue

Like Lill, Aileen is a fan of Bassike. (“These pants are comfy with just the right amount of tailoring”). She also loves Aje (and this crop top, in particular – a piece that is not only perfect for yoga but could also be worn with a high-waisted skirt or pants).

“During times of uncertainty, it’s comforting to wear jewellery “close to your heart”,” says Aileen, who also chose this necklace from jeweller Venice Rish, who trained at Central Saint Martins and whose pieces are made from recycled “space glass” (developed by NASA).

And for winding down at home? “A stylish Grandpa Cardigan is my idea of relaxation.  Layer this Incu cardi over a slip dress or tuck into a pair of pleated pants or jeans, belted for a more contemporary look.”

Tara Morris is a stylist whose work has appeared in marie claire and Shop Til You Drop.

Travel might be off the agenda right now, but shopping at dreamy brand Lucy Folk is the next best thing, says Tara. “Lucy Folk is one of my favourite small Australian brands as it covers everything from jewellery, clothing and homewares. The brand itself evokes dreams of travel and adventure, so her pieces are the perfect pick-me-up for the current time.”

Tara is also a fan of Wellington Factory (“I know the next collection’s online drop is held up due to Covid limitations, but I’m looking forward to the hoodie they will release soon!”) as well as Arnsdorf. “Jeans in the colour ‘butter’ seem pretty perfect right now considering my iso-carbo loading.”


BY various

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