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Meet Summer’s New Party Pearls

These colourful jewels are a sweet treat

Felicity Robinson

Remember those beaded friendship bracelets you used to make when you were a child? Or maybe you’ve been gifted one recently by an affectionate toddler daughter or niece?

Well, in one of those moments where fashion takes a hard left into La-La Land, jewellery that looks like it has been made by a three year old is suddenly everywhere. The Eliou “All The Feels” necklace worn by Haylee Bieber back in June exemplifies the trend: pearls, beads and the word “tired” in letter blocks (we can relate).

Personally, I’m here for all things colour: my wardrobe is rainbow bright, and thanks to the kids I have ready access to a cornucopia of shiny beads and gems. But if you’re a more minimalist dresser, you might prefer the sophisticated pieces from designers such as Alix Yang, whose pearls threaded with tiny coloured beads feel summery and chic.

In the same way you’d layer delicate necklaces or chains, colourful bracelets look great stacked around the wrist. This isn’t an evening look, although the mismatched earrings from Timeless Pearly, below, would work beautifully with a black dress or tailoring for dinner.

Styling: Lucy Wood

Main images: Sheree Porter


BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is the co-founder of PRIMER and putting her children to work right now

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