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Stylish Handbags You Can Actually Fit A Laptop In

The holy grail of work bags is here

By Felicity Robinson

So, the great return to the office is gathering pace and while standards have definitely slipped, it turns out that carrying your laptop and gym gear in a canvas shopper still isn’t office-appropriate. But here at PRIMER, we’re not quite ready to return to the structured handbags of the pre-pandemic era.

So when stylist Lucy Wood told us about the Studio Amelia bag she was coveting, we were all ears.

“Stylish slouch bags that are big enough to carry a laptop are just practical – and you can use them at the weekend, as well as for work,” she said. Studio Amelia’s white leather version, below, is made from chrome-free leather (chrome can be harmful to workers in tanneries and can seep into the water supply), so it ticks the sustainability box, too.


Carrying your laptop and gym gear in a canvas shopper still isn’t office-appropriate

Lucy prefers a good-quality leather bag for longevity, although Bassike’s handwoven neoprene tote looks robust. If you’re like us, and carry make-up, toy cars and a selection of snacks in your bag each day, a sturdy handle is a plus, she adds.

“I love a bag in neutral tones, such as off-white or taupe, but a burgundy or chocolate brown is also very versatile. The relaxed shape of these bags creates a great contrast with a structured jacket or shirt.”

Here are her favourite versions.



St. Agni








St. Agni




Yu Mei


Hero shot: Bag by Yu Mei

Photography: Daniel Goode

Styling: Lucy Wood

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BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is PRIMER's co-founder. She'd love a white bag but it wouldn't stay that way for long

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