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18 Party Shoes & Bags That Are Pure Disco

Sparkly, strappy, saturated with colour – this season’s accessories are ready to have fun

By Felicity Robinson

In the depths of lockdown, many of us found it hard to imagine that we’d ever again force our feet into heels, or cram our possessions into a tiny bag for a night out.

Some of the country’s most esteemed fashion commentators (including us) suggested that comfort dressing in stylish sweats marked, Fukuyama-like, the End of Fashion.

And yet all it took was a sniff of a cocktail and the promise of a fancy canapé to send us all rushing out to buy the strappiest, shiniest shoe we could find.

“There’s definitely a shift in mood right now,” says stylist Lucy Wood, who chose this week’s edit. “I’ve personally loved the mood lift that comes with putting on an outfit that feels a little more special.”


Miu Miu heels + champagne + cake. What more could you wish for?

A glitzy bag or shoes are a great way to revive an outfit you’ve worn a few times and are feeling a bit less excited by, says Lucy.

“If you’re going for a glamorous bag or shoe, let that be the focal point of your outfit,” she adds. “So, if the bag is glitzy, let it shine by pairing with more neutral heels.

“In saying that, it comes down to personal taste – I often think that more is more when it comes to party dressing.”

Bags with bling…

For those of us who struggle to cull the contents of our bags, there’s good news. “There are still a lot of ’90s-style baguettes around, which feel dressy without being distressingly micro,” says Lucy.

… and shiny shoes

Under Daniel Lee, Bottega Veneta has created every significant trend in accessories for the last three years, from its pouch bag (above, in red) to the square-toed and woven heels that spawned a thousand imitations.

As revealed in a shock announcement earlier this month, Bottega and Lee have parted ways, but not before he cemented strappy heels as this season’s must-have shoe.

“They’re a great heel to have in your wardrobe because they feel modern, they’re comfortable and they lengthen your legs,” says Lucy.

Styling by Lucy Wood, photography by Sheree Porter


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BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is the co-founder of PRIMER and is never knowingly underdressed

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