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One Woman’s Brave Search For A Chunky Gold Chain

Forget fine jewellery, and go big and bold.


Think ’chunky gold chain necklaces’ and what do you envision? Cool, fashion brands like  Foundrae or Khaite? Or Mr. T?

Until recently I’m unashamed to say that I fell into the Mr T camp. And I didn’t even grow up watching The A-Team (it was actually before my time, which I’m finding myself able to say less and less these days).

And yet there’s plenty of fashion appeal in a chunky gold necklace.

Without one, a white T-shirt and jeans can look borderline sloppy; add one with different sized links like this piece by New York designer Laura Lombardi and you’ve got instant cool-girl style.


Mesh stitch polo, Oroton, $299; Chain necklace, Arms of Eve, $110.

Where before, gold necklaces were limited to delicate chains — what kind of pendant you chose was the main decision you had to make – it’s refreshing to see even fine jewellery brands embracing chunkier, heftier chains. Blame it on street style (a tiny necklace just isn’t visible by a pap across the street), blame it on social (the flashier, the more thumb-stopping, right?); either way, we’re glad.

And we hate to say it, but size really does matter. As does length. Go too big and long with a chain necklace and you run the risk of channeling Method Man. Instead, look for a style that rests nicely in that little cradle formed by your clavicle; longer lengths should hang no lower than two inches from there.

As for styling, balance is key. Chunky chain necklaces can toughen up an otherwise ultra-feminine outfit or be layered with other necklaces for an edgier, evening-ready look. If the very idea of all those chains that will inevitably need to be untwisted already has you balking, consider a piece like this one instead, which basically does the work for you.


Left: Knit, Jac + Jack, similar here; Chain, Alkina, $44,500. Right: Tee, Em On Holiday, $85; Long chain, Holly Ryan, $900; Short chain, Holly Ryan, $920.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, too: this slinky piece reminds me of something I might have found in my mother’s jewellery drawer in the ‘80s, but layer it with this choker and finish with a pearly number and voila! A look that’s nothing if not modern – and in no way something Mr. T (or anyone from The A-Team) would wear.



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Rebecca is a fashion writer, originally from Canada and now based in Sydney via London, where she worked for NET-A-PORTER and Victoria Beckham. She’s been wearing a gold chain pretty much every day since this shoot took place.

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