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Welcome Back… Cowboy Boots?

The Western-style boot rides again. Do you dare?

Portia Brajkovic

Giddy up, we’ve got a new contender for the most surprising early 2000s trend making a comeback: cowboy boots.

Woah, there! (Enough of the puns?) Before you click away, rest assured that the cowboy boot of 2023 bears little resemblance to the mid-calf, embroidered style that most of us imagine when we think ‘cowboy boot’.

In fact, today’s boot is pared back and refined (Khaite even produces a pair) and according to stylist Lucy Wood there truly is a cowboy boot for every wardrobe. Think full-blown cowboy knockoffs to more elevated styles with “a hint of a western shape, leather panelling or stacked heel”.

“You could go bold with colourful, decorative options from say, Ganni, or keep it sleek and minimal with a pared-back, black, mid-height boot like those at Alias Mae.”

Plus, they’re surprisingly easy to wear. Put a knee-high style with dresses and skirts, to “help ground a flowing hemline”. Ankle and mid-height boots will go with almost anything. “A modern-style cowboy boot that only has a subtle nod to the trend can be treated like any other boot,” adds Lucy.

Here are eight of her favourites.

Alias Mae


Tony Bianco










BY Portia Brajkovic

Portia is PRIMER's editorial coordinator

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