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The Sophisticated Appeal Of A Croissant Bag

Surely, the only carbohydrate-related trend the fashion set will condone

By Anna Saunders

A wise fashion editor once told me that, contrary to popular belief, fashion trends don’t really repeat.

Shapes, silhouettes or colours may disappear from fashion, from time to time, only to return a few years later – but they never reappear in exactly the same form. There’s always a subtle-but-crucial change to the shape or fabrication that renders any pieces you may have stored away – in the hopes they will be in fashion again – somehow completely wrong if you attempt to re-wear them.

And so it is with crescent bags, also known as croissant bags or baguette bags.

On the surface, the return of croissant-shaped bags seems like just another replay of an early-noughties trend. (See also the return of ballet flats, halter tops and cargo pants.)

In fact, the “new” baguette bag bears little resemblance to the fussy predecessor that Paris Hilton and her friends tucked under their arms on the way into nightclubs in the early 2000s.

“The latest iteration feels more sophisticated. It’s simple in its design. There’s not much hardware happening, no straps dangling from them. It’s more streamlined and a bit rounder and there are new fabrications like satin or suede,” says stylist Lucy Wood, who selected the edit below and styled the photograph above.

The great thing about the new crescent bags is that they’re “any-time-of-the-day” bags, she adds. “The bigger ones with a handle are great for the day and the little mini ones are perfect for the evening.” Plus, she adds, they hold their shape well and add a sense of polish to an outfit.

See Lucy’s edit, including two bags that can be rented, below.





$ 24.90









St. Agni


Hero shot: Bag by St. Agni

Photography: Daniel Goode

Styling: Lucy Wood

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BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of PRIMER. She likes all forms of croissants - bags and bakery items.

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