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12 Ideas For Date-Night Dressing

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or just going out

By Victoria Pearson

On an early date with my now husband, I began telling him (what I thought was) a compelling and hilarious anecdote. A few sentences in, he stopped me. “This isn’t a very interesting story,” he said straight-faced. I was stunned, momentarily offended, before dissolving into laughter. Radical honesty delivered during embryonic courtship can be its death knell, but I felt oddly endeared towards his unfiltered sense of self. There were no facades – I knew exactly who he was.

Dating historically conjures combat-adjacent metaphors – love is a battlefield, participants are in the trenches. But I prefer spy game rhetoric when considering the personas we choose to share with others. How much do we reveal versus hide? On a date night, sartorially speaking, who do we want to bring to the table?

According to stylist Lucy Wood, the answer is simple. “Dress for yourself and yourself only,” she says.

“The way you feel in an outfit can have a direct impact on your mood and the way you see yourself.”

High stakes occasions (such as a first date) can have us panic-buying pieces that don’t speak to our personalities and won’t offer longevity. Wood advises restraint, pointing towards classic yet contemporary staples that make you feel comfortable and also elevated. This summer’s silhouettes are structured and streamlined, “classic yet evening ready, with textures of satin, pleating and metallic elements,” she says.

Accessories are an easy way to imbue a date night outfit with your own brand of style. A chainmail pouch, organic statement earring or ropey bracelet can offer subtle personal aesthetic clues to your paramour. And footwear, as always, should follow suit. “Your heels don’t have to be sky high,” says Wood. “Lower heels in a satin finish will deliver sophistication and comfort.”

The final touch to an interesting story.

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BY Victoria Pearson

Victoria has written for Harper's Bazaar, RUSSH and more.

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