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The Little-Known Skincare Ingredient Offering More Resilient Skin

Is edelweiss the secret to glowing skin?

By Lucy Adams

This story is presented in partnership with The Body Shop

As a self-confessed natural skincare devotee, it’s rare I come across an ingredient that I haven’t slathered on my face, read up on or at least heard a murmur about.

For me, that ingredient is edelweiss.

Like many, I have a fond childhood nostalgia for The Sound of Music’s rendition, but it seems edelweiss, the tiny white flower from the Swiss Alps, offers more than just decorative benefits; it can be a powerful skincare ingredient, too.

What is edelweiss?
Found growing in the rugged terrain of the Alps – think extreme wind, snow, and rain – edelweiss is known for its resilience. Until recently the tiny white flower had been studied for its medical potential only (particularly its possible cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits), and it was these studies that managed to attract the attention of cosmetic chemists.



What does edelweiss do for your skin?
In short, edelweiss is resilience bottled. It’s the ultimate do-it-all ingredient, and contains high levels of antioxidants, which are essential to keep free radical damage (AKA the signs of ageing) at bay. It also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that all help to minimise the appearance of fine lines, support skin elasticity and defend against UVB rays.

Not only that but it’s vegan-friendly and it plays nicely with most other skincare ingredients (eg: vitamin A, and C).

Who is edelweiss best for?
Regardless of your skin type or concern – spots, sensitivity, pigmentation or fine lines – edelweiss is suitable (with little to no irritation).  And the potential benefits? Stronger*, smoother, plumper skin.


The Body Shop’s Edelweiss range
One brand that has harnessed the power of edelweiss is The Body Shop, which combines ethically sourced edelweiss extract with natural peptides, hyaluronic acid and community fair trade moringa seed oil to help keep complexions dewy, fresh and healthy.

Here at PRIMER, we are big fans of The Body Shop’s purpose-driven ethos. For over 40 years, The Body Shop has campaigned, driven change and smashed beauty industry standards. It is the O.G. changemaker (the first global beauty company to ban animal testing) and it is committed to being a force for good and providing top-notch products.

Its best-known Edelweiss product is the Daily Serum Concentrate, and one is sold every 25 seconds globally.

My post-winter skin immediately soaked up the Edelweiss Serum concentrate. Cool on application, it instantly calms, quenches and imparts a subtle dewiness leaving a light yet calming fragrance lingering reminiscent of springtime in the mountains.

How to use it?
There are not many products suitable for all skin types that can slot into your existing at-home regime as easily as edelweiss.

Swap out your regular cleanser for the Edelweiss Cleansing Concentrate – a gel-to water wash that cleans, hydrates and smooths, or get your beauty sleep on by applying Edelweiss Sleeping Mask before you hit the hay.

Try supercharging your complexion with a few drops of the cult Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate morning or night to leave your skin looking smoother, fresher, stronger* and plumped with 24hr moisture.

Discover the secret to smoother skin and browse The Body Shop edelweiss range here.

*Skin that looks plump with moisture, with a smooth surface. Skin looks re-energised and refreshed.

This story was produced in partnership with The Body Shop.


BY Lucy Adams

Lucy is PRIMER's beauty editor, and the former beauty editor of marie claire.

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