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What To Buy Now Autumn’s (Nearly) Here

Even if you’re not quite ready for it

By Felicity Robinson

After breezing through life in linen dresses and loose bohemian tops, the first sharp wind of autumn is an unpleasant sartorial surprise. Pulling out a sensible sweater from the back of your wardrobe feels like a heart-sink moment. And I doubt there’s anyone in the world who enjoys the first morning back in jeans when their legs have been bare for months. So tight! So restrictive! So… wintry.

But that raises the question: how can you keep up those happy summer vibes while still staying properly warm? With a few well-chosen transitional pieces, that’s how. First up, look for a light-weight jumper in a cheerful pastel shade.

“That way, you’ll still feel connected to summer, but you’ll have a piece you can throw in your bag for when the air turns cold,” says our shopping editor, Tara Morris. Same for a denim jacket – choose the all-time classic boxy shape and mid-blue wash that works over pretty much any look.

And shoes? Tara recommends a low-heeled sling-back, for the obvious yet clever reason that your toes will be toasty warm but your heels will provide a cheeky kick of skin under a tailored pant. (Worth noting: Tights and sling-backs are an unusual pairing, but if you’re channelling Lady Di right now, totally go for it.)

HRH might also have worn the cheery yellow pant that Tara chose for the ease with which you could wear it with a T-shirt or jumper, depending on your tolerance to cold. And her final tip is, of course, layering. “Loose dresses can be layered with T-shirts, jumpers and shirts to keep warmer, then by next year you’ll be ready to wear them solo for spring.” Can’t wait.



BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is the co-founder of Primer

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