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The Considered Gift Guide: For Children

AKA Santa’s toughest critics

Anna Saunders

Nothing dampens the Christmas spirit quite like the realisation that the vast majority of the toys your children have received are likely to get a day’s use before breaking or being forgotten about. Which is why we’ve rounded up a range of kids’ gift ideas that are fun and likely to stand the test time.

For younger children and babies, we’ve found a range of toys that feature recycled, natural or durable materials as well as organic clothing.

Galaxy Magblocs

Tenderleaf Toys



Rabbit Chair

Tenderleaf Forest

Bath Crayons

Honey sticks

For older children, take your pick from activity-based ideas or books (like Mem Fox’s latest book, The Tiny Star) as well as body products (we love The Body Shop’s activist outlook and its recycled plastic bottles) and accessories.

Love Bug Sunglasses

Cancer Council

BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of PRIMER and because her kids are too young to read, she can tell you that they're getting recycled plastic buckets and spades, books and the Cancer Council heart glasses.

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