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How To Wear A Blazer

We asked art curator Jerico Tracy to play model

By Anna Saunders

Princess Di did them well. French Emmanuelle Alt has loved them forever. And these days every fashion PR and creative type from Bondi to Brisbane is in on the act.

We’re talking about blazers of course – a garment which was once reserved for private school girls, your dad’s cricket team and a legion of office workers, and is now back and a strong contender for the hardest working and most versatile item in any wardrobe. 

One woman who knows a lot about versatility, hard work and blazers is art consultant and curator Jerico Tracy. We asked Jerico, who owns Sydney gallery Jerico Contemporary, to help stylist Lill Jenner find the perfect autumn blazer. 

Jerico, who represents artists such as Christiane Spangsberg, Holly Ryan and Anna Poggasova and whose CV includes a stint at Christies in London, admits the art world can be rarefied. And yet, in person, she defies any chilly art world stereotypes (during our shoot it emerges that she surfs, skateboards and owns a pet rabbit).

Jerico describes her days as varied, and says her wardrobe needs to be, too.

“I might be at a meeting with the director of a company in the morning and then painting walls and drilling at the gallery. In the evening I could be going to an event at an artist’s studio in Marrickville.”

Blazers (not to mention a spare pair of heels and sneakers in her car) are a must. “You can throw a blazer over anything.”

Read on to see how….

The Tailored and Tonal Blazer

“I love this look. I’ve been eyeing up this Albus Lumun blazer for a while!” says Jerico, who describes her style as “minimalist”.

“I think that [in the art world] people tend to fall into two camps: they wear all black or bright prints and colours. I tend to wear a lot of black and white and navy. I wear so much black and white that I’m interesting in trying sandy tones this season.”

It’s a look that’s very now, confirms Lill of the tonal tan-on-tan look. “I also love this soft tailored look,” she says. “I really gravitate to Australian brands for that.”


PHOTO: Tane Coffin
Jerico wears Albus Lumen blazer, Bec + Bridge bodysuit, Bec + Bridge skirt, Bally bag.


The Jeans with Blazer (aka The Lady Di)

“I really loved this. It’s something I’d wear in my life, though I’d normally go for a slimmer leg. I would wear this to an art gallery opening,” says Jerico, who adds that working in art is often less formal than many people expect. “At the gallery we try to be really welcoming… if you don’t like [a work] that doesn’t mean you’re wrong, just that your tastes lies elsewhere.”


PHOTO: Tane Coffin
Jerico wears a Jac and Jack blazer; ReDone jeans; Jacquemus T-shirt; Sol-Sana shoes; pre-loved Chanel handbag; Reliquia earrings.


The Dress-Meets-Blazer

If you needed proof of the versatility of a blazer, then this is it, says Lill. “You can throw it over a dress, like this, or over a skirt, or with jeans. The options are endless.”

Jerico says this is slighter preppier than her typical look. “I’d probably wear black ankle boots with this, but I love these this trainers are vegan, and I love a white dress.”

PHOTO: Tane Coffin
Jerico wears Aje blazer; Lee Mathews dress (coming soon), Veja shoes, Oroton bag


The Two-Piece and Tailored Blazer

For a self-described minimalist, a two-piece plaid suit was always going to be a sartorial stretch, but Jerico says she’d happily wear the blazer and pants – separately. “I’d probably wear the pants with a plain tee or blazer with skinny black jeans. I love these sunglasses,” she adds.

PHOTO: Tane Coffin
Jerico wears Petar Petrov suit; Bec + Bridge top; Sol-Sana shoes.


The Blazer-As-Dress

“This is perfect for a meeting or an event at the gallery. It’s professional but short enough to be fun,” says Jerico.

PHOTO: Tane Coffin
Jerico wears Theory blazer dress; Aquazzura shoes; Brie Leon earrings.


See below for blazers Lill loves…


BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of Primer. She is a recent convert to blazers.

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