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How To Find A Cosy (Stylish) Coat

Winter is here, people

Anna Saunders

Snow in Queensland. Gale-force winds in Melbourne. Hail in Sydney. I think we can comfortably agree that winter is here, and summer has left the building. 

In fashion terms this means one thing: coat season.

This winter, there’s something for everyone – chubby coats to keep you cosy, sharp tailored coats to ward off chills or robe or wrap styles to swathe yourself in. Although, as shopping editor Tara Morris points out, the general direction for coats this year is towards oversized and man-style rather than fitted. “Which is really practical for layering over bulky winter clothes,” she adds.

Tara herself is partial to a robe coat, and is adamant that every woman should also own a trench.

She also makes a good case for colourful outerwear. “If you have a really neutral wardrobe, then a colourful or pastel coat will go with everything you have and can be a good way to inject some colour.” If in doubt, she says, a camel coat will never date. 

If (like me) you didn’t think about coats until the precise moment that the first arctic blast hit this week, then your disorganisation has paid off – because many coats are now on sale. Bonus.

Our pick? If in doubt, head to Country Road or Seed for affordable, high-quality options. Or take a browse below!


BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of PRIMER. You may spot her coat shopping this weekend.

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