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How To Wear a Rugby Knit Without Looking Like You’re On Half-Time Break

Channel sporty-cool with total ease.

By Divya Venkataraman

Fashion has been nurturing a fascination with preppy, sports-influenced style for several seasons now—but the collared knit might be the trend’s most wearable iteration yet. Once the preserve of Sloane Rangers and, well, actual rugby players, the collared rugby shirt has been embraced by nostalgic millennials and Zoomers alike.

“We’re really seeing the return of the rugby jumper,” says stylist Lucy Wood. “A lot of these come in oversized shapes and are made from thick wool, which takes them away from looking like they came off the sports field.”

Maybe the rugby jumper’s famous fans—think style barometers like Hailey Bieber, Rihanna and Bella Hadid—are drawn to the way it brings together qualities that are rarely found in one place: its thick, crayon stripes are playful and a little nostalgic, but its collar adds a touch of prep. And yet! It’s still comfortable enough to wear in place of loungewear.

The collared rugby shirt in all of its sartorial glory. Images via Getty.

For those worrying about looking like you went for the nuclear option on wash day, never fear: with the right styling, the collared polo transcends the confines of a sports pitch with ease. Your options are plenty. Low-slung denim is the fashion set’s pairing of choice, but you can also opt for a structured skirt or pants to give some contrast to the slouchy style.  “They look great with relaxed, tailored pants, whether that be a tan or navy style,” notes Wood. “And  for a weekend run-around look, it’s easy to  throw one on with your favourite denim and trench.”

Talk about a pitch-perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.













BY Divya Venkataraman

Divya is a writer and editor who works across fashion, culture and lifestyle, and rugby shirts are the closest she'll get to playing sport.

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