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“I Have Over 50 T-shirts. These Are The Ones You Should Buy”

Our shopping editor Tara Morris shares her tips

Tara Morris

My style is pretty casual and I like to feel comfortable, which are two of the main reasons/excuses for having so many T-shirts. And although I own 50, I do look after them.

One drawer in my wardrobe is dedicated to plain, bright, colourful tees; some are ribbed, or have buttons on the sleeve, and they might have different fabrications (not just cotton). The next drawer holds my collection of vintage and boys’ t-shirts, which are looser and boxier. And finally, I have a Marie Kondo-style drawer filled with basic tees in neutral colours like white, grey and khaki. They’re folded in a 6 x 4 grid, meaning four t-shirts in each row.

My house is small! And I like to be organised.



When I’m considering a new purchase, I look for a really good neckline – I like a crew neck that’s not too high with a good rib. The seam needs to sit close to the edge of my shoulder.

The Hanes tee is a great example of the classic American t-shirt, and this capsule collection by Karla Welch (a Hollywood heavyweight and Justin Bieber’s stylist) has a few versions of it. Uniqlo is another brand that does a great crew neck in good-quality cotton and the price point is really good. I also love Primarie: 100 per cent organic cotton and hand-dyed in Sydney. The tee looks lighter IRL and it’s a chic version of the tie-dye trend that’s still going strong for summer.

Another reason I love t-shirts? You can choose them to match your mood. For going out, I’ll wear one with a great pair of jeans, a delicate necklace or three, and a heel – ideally, something like this sling-back Manolo Blahnik. You can always find a pair in your size on TheRealReal.







BY Tara Morris

Tara Morris is PRIMER's shopping editor and we had no idea about her T-shirt habit until now

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