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Meet Our Podcast: Made On Purpose

Inspiring interviews with purpose-led, next-gen leaders


A new generation of entrepreneur is emerging – and for them, profit isn’t the only motive.

Yes, these business owners care about the bottom line, but issues like the environment, diversity and social impact are equally powerful drivers. As Anna Lappe famously once said, ‘Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Here at PRIMER, we deliver 50 per cent of profits to women’s NGOs, so we’re pretty invested in the profit-for-purpose idea. But we wanted to know what compelled other for-purpose founders to start their business, and the mistakes and successes they experienced along the way.

So, we approached some ofAustralia’s most inspiring and influential business leaders – who also have a social purpose – to come on our brand-new podcast, Made On Purpose. And they did.

From Simon Griffiths of social enterprise and toilet paper brand Who Gives A Crap to Kristy Chong, whose Modibodi sustainable period products revolutionised a category, we grilled eight fascinating founders on exactly what makes them tick. They shared the challenges and the triumphs, the moments they felt like giving up and the lessons they wanted to share with future entrepreneurs.

(Oh, and they had some fairly candid opinions on greenwashing and brands failing to walk the talk.)

To hear their fascinating stories, told with honesty, candidness and humour, tune in to Made On Purpose or subscribe to our podcast here.

The first series of Made On Purpose is sponsored by Modibodi 





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