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Meet The New ‘Naked Sandal’

Just as you thought it was safe to cocoon your feet in socks for the next six months

Felicity Robinson

I know, I know – it’s totally the wrong time of year to be talking about sandals. But we couldn’t let another week slide by without bringing to your attention a new micro-trend that’s getting a lot of people (and not just pedicurists) excited.

Dubbed the ‘naked sandal’ or the ‘flossy’, these strappy mid-heels were the new darlings of the street-style set during fashion month, even though they’re completely impractical for the wet northern-hemisphere spring. Everyone looked like they had cold toes – but as always, that’s a small price to pay for fashion.

“They’re the perfect minimalist shoe,” says our shopping editor, Tara Morris. “Celine showed them originally, but everyone is talking about The Row’s version – a single toe strap, ankle strap and gentle heel.”

This is a shoe to wear out to dinner, adds Tara, who regards it as a “dressy” look. “I’d pair it with a simple pant, jeans or midi skirt and, because it’s such an unfussy shoe, you can wear it in any colour – even primaries or white – as it won’t dominate.”

Tara recommends keeping the rest of your outfit refined (think clean lines and block colour), and advises forward planning to ensure your feet won’t offend the people at the table next to you. “Choose a nude nail polish for your toes and definitely keep up a regular pedicure,” she adds.


BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is the co-founder of PRIMER and likes to feel warm

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