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Meet The Sleeping Beauties

Wake up radiant with products that super-charge your skin overnight

By Lucy Adams

I’ve always admired those women who find time in the mornings for an invigorating beauty regimen, but that’s not me. Instead, it’s the precious time I get alone at night, when the house is quiet, that I use to power up my skincare.

So you can imagine my relief that the zeitgeisty-yet-laborious Korean nine-step skin care trend is being replaced by a new breed of products that promise to work while you’re sleeping. And they do. Given seven (alright, six) hours to sink into your skin, they help you to emerge rested and ready to face the day ahead. Here are my top three.


Nothing makes you feel better than a bit of fake tan. But who has time? And what about the smell? The streaks? The extra washing? I think I gave up tanning following the birth of my first child, when I found myself timing one of her feeds around whether my tan was developed enough to wash off.

Post shower (I’d shaved 24 hours before), I lathered this all over (avoiding my face) and popped my PJs straight on before giving my hands a good wash and then turning out the light. There was no nasty smell (some are so strong that they wake me at night!), no tacky feeling or mess. In the morning I woke with smoother skin, a subtle (and natural) glow and a slight spring in my step. The only unfortunate thing? A cold snap. My freshly tanned pins remained hidden under jeans and tights for the rest of the week. But come summer, I’ll be armed and ready.

Last Tuesday my hairdresser looked at the condition of my hair and suggested a treatment at the basin. I glanced down at my watch and, knowing that I’d already cut it very fine to fit in a trim in my lunch break, I declined, promising to be more vigilant with haircare treatments at home. Then, chatting at a launch later in the week, one of my beauty editor pals suggested this little gem.

I think I actually had a beauty ‘first’ with this product. I was literally tucked in bed when I applied it! I scooped out a generous amount and applied it to my dry hair, starting at the ends and working it up to the mid-section – not the roots. Then I shuffled beneath the covers and hit the hay.

I won’t lie; I couldn’t wait to wash it out in the morning (and wash my pillowcase). Post-wash, though, my hair felt silky and swingy, and I felt I’d fully maximised my beauty sleep.

I don’t drink nearly as much water as I know I should. If someone designed a chic camel pack so I could carry around my water supply – I’d be interested. My skin would also love me if I took the time to look after it – with, say, masks, peels and treatments, but I don’t (often enough).

I don’t know what I was more excited about: Jumping into bed to start a new book; my new Maison Balzac water carafe (which I gifted myself for Mother’s Day); or treating my skin to a hydrating mask while I slept.

I treated it like any other mask and gave my face a thorough clean and buff before applying. I skipped my regular night-time regimen and applied it as I would a night cream, just leaving extra deposits on my particularly parched areas, which for me means forehead and chin. The decadent, almost-hybrid cream/gel consistency and lush botanical aroma made it a dream to apply.

The good news? A little goes a long way with this one. Maybe it was the faint lavender scent, or the smug feeling of being on top of my skincare while I slept, but I didn’t even make it through half of the first chapter of my book. In the morning my skin felt plumped and cushiony – and looked just like I’d given it the big drink it needed.




BY Lucy Adams

Lucy is a beauty editor who lives in Sydney. She believes overnight skin treatments work even better if you give yourself a lie-in

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