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My First Chemical Peel

Here’s what happened…

By Anna Saunders

Although I can be overly critical when evaluating photographs of myself, the image of my face that emerges from the Skinceuticals Skinscope machine is truly – and objectively – terrible.

Bathed in the LED UV light that’s emitted from the machine, my face is a ghoulish bright blue, allowing the navy spots of sun damage across my cheeks and forehead to stand out in sharp contrast. But it’s my eyes that are the worst: both are ringed by deep, dark blue circles, as though I have two black eyes. 


The Skinscope results (right)

Fortunately, I’m the only one who can see this image, and when I emerge my face looks completely normal. However, it’s a sight I won’t forget in a hurry, revealing, as it does, the deep-seated damage lurking beneath my skin’s surface using LED UV light.

Today I’m having my first chemical peel, thanks to Skinceuticals, but first I’ve spent a few minutes in the Skinscope machine to identify my biggest skin issues.

Skinceuticals’ Fleur Lymbery, who is carrying out the peel today, explains that  the Skinscope images reveal some sun damage, as well as dry patches under my eyes and on the sides of my face. I need a good eye cream, she suggests.

After the Skinscope, it’s time for the peel, and Fleur applies a glycolic/lactic acid peel to slough off the outer layer my skin and reveal a newer, more youthful appearance.

The peel I’m having today contains 20.05% Glycolic Acid, which means that it’s only available in clinics and salons. At first, as Fleur applies the solution, ticklish feeling creeps across my face. After a few minutes, my cheeks feel a little warm, and Fleur comments they look slightly pink, but other than that it’s barely noticeable.

She then removes the peel by applying a neutralising solution, and finishes with the Skinceuticals SPF 50 sunscreen to protect my newly vulnerable skin. She warns that I might experience a little “shedding” or flaky skin after three days – but I don’t notice this at all. In fact, the effects are entirely positive, and on day three my husband remarks how “glowy” my skin looks. (A first.)

Not only that, but the procedure has an unintended additional benefit, too – after being confronted with the SkinScope machine’s image of my sun-damaged face, I find myself diligently applying sunscreen every day. A win all round.

For more information on Skinceuticals chemical peels, click here.


BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of PRIMER, and (now) wears sunscreen every day

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