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The One Piece You Need In Your Wardrobe Right Now

Why the white singlet is an instant update

By Felicity Robinson

Few issues have caused as much controversy in the PRIMER office recently as singlets – specifically, what to actually call them. Are they vests? Tank tops? Singlets? Or singlet tops?

Perhaps it’s a sign of their ubiquity (and the fact we all grew up in different countries) that this wardrobe staple has so many different names. But this season, they’re cutting a little differently, with sculptural, curved neckline and arms at Friends with Frank and Henne, below, or featuring thick ribbed details that elevate the look.

“This is another 90s throwback trend – same, but different,” says stylist Lucy Wood, who chose this week’s selection, while noting vests/singlets have been around since forever. “We’ve been seeing a lot of elevated basics on the runway, which is great when the trend trickles down to the high street as it’s easy to adapt and play with.”


This season, they’re cutting a little differently

Prada, Loewe and Acne were among the first to kickstart this latest iteration of the singlet, showing simple white tops in the autumn shows this time last year. These singlets were worn with low-slung skirts and trousers (very 90s), and that’s how Lucy suggests we wear them, too.

“As with any wardrobe basic, a white singlet will match almost anything it’s paired with,” she says. “But to embrace the 90’s look, singlets are great with slouchy tailored pants and a man-style belt, or loose, relaxed jeans.”

Main image: shot by Daniel Goode, styled by Lucy Wood. Maggie Marilyn singlet, $75.












BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is PRIMER's co-founder. She isn't sure a white singlet will survive kids/dog, but is absolutely buying one anyway

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