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The Fashion Editor’s Guide To The Perfect White Tee

Where to buy this style staple

By Anna Saunders

Fashion editors love to talk about ‘style staples’ and ‘wardrobe basics’, and it doesn’t get much more basic than a crisp white T-shirt. Or so you might think.

In fact, the cut, fabric and neckline can all completely transform the look and feel of a white t-shirt, and finding the perfect one is a bit like perfecting your coffee order. Me? I take a boxy, not-baggy fit, a high-ish neck and a midweight fabric that isn’t bulky but doesn’t cling to every bulge. (Camilla and Marc’s Earl tee is my pick.)

But once you’ve found The One, the perfect white t-shirt is the gateway to limitless fashion options – dress it up or down – not to mention the style ultimate palate cleanser.

“Yessssss to that feeling a clean white t- shirt gives your soul,” says fashion editor Petta Chua, a contributing Vogue editor, who keeps hers steamed, Kondo folded and stashed in prime position in her closet.

This week, we asked five experts to nominate their go-to white tees.


Bassike’s slim heritage t-shirt: by Annie Brown

Bassike is my go-to for a good white t-shirt that holds its shape after countless washes (I have small and sticky-fingered children), feels nice to wear and has just the right amount of slouch. That the Australian brand makes almost all its clothes locally (and sustainably and thoughtfully!) is an extra sweetener.

Uniqlo men’s t-shirt: by Lucy Wood and Georgina Safe

Uniqlo t-shirts are the perfect cut and made from high-quality cotton that feels neither too heavy or too light. – Georgina

My go-to white t-shirt is always a men’s Uniqlo style. I get it in a size XS, and it is a comfortably oversized fit. The cotton is weighty which means it keeps its shape, wear after wear, wash after wash.

Wardrobe NYC t-shirt and padded t-shirt: by Petta Chua

White t-shirts form the basis of my wardrobe and therefore, funnily, all come from Wardobe NYC. (Josh Goot and Christine Centenera have honed a set of classics that are built to live forever in your wardrobe.) With Josh’s eye for fabrication and detail, and Christine’s unsurpassed, singular understanding of what you want to wear, and how you want to feel in it: The classic white tee — from Wardrobe NYC — is perfect. On me, it sits neither too boxy nor too slim. it works tucked and un tucked..

Its only very recently been dethroned as my favourite white t-shirt… to be replaced by the Wardrobe NYC Shoulder Pad t-shirt which is a piece!

Jac + jack organic cotton tee nominated by Tara Morris

The Jac & Jack Verte tee is my dream white tee… it has the perfect crew neck, which is what I look for so my dainty necklaces sit nicely on top of it.

The tee is also light weight which makes it easy to tuck into a pair of jeans or trousers and I don’t mind if you see a hint of a black bra showing through.


BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of PRIMER and owns four white t-shirts in varying shades of white

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