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It’s the stealth trend you’re about to see everywhere

Felicity Robinson

Prince of Wales, Madras, Houndstooth, Tattersall. If ever a series of names can conjure a picture of the olden days – of kings and Maharajas, and… gambling – it’s these different types of checks. Yet they’re staging a very modern comeback as the pattern of the season. You’re about to see them all over town – on the classic tailored blazer, wide-leg pants and even on accessories like clutch bags and boots.

“These archival checks been slowly building for the past season or two, and now they’ve gone from the runways to everywhere,” says stylist Lill Jenner, who selected the gorgeous pieces below.

One of the best aspects of checks is their ability to slip seamlessly into your wardrobe. “Take the classic check blazer, for example,” adds Lill. “It looks sharp over a floaty dress or skirt, maybe worn with a pair of sneakers for that great high/low look. You can also wear a grey plaid jacket over pretty much anything – sequins, florals, textures – and it injects a sense of fun. Use it like a basic in your wardrobe.”


Archival checks have gone from the runway to everywhere

Pieces like the Marni jacket (yes, we know it’s expensive, but sooo beautiful) are an easy way to bring colour into your winter wardrobe, particularly if you tend mainly to black. They’re also a gateway to another, more challenging trend: layering check on check.

If you’re going to try this, Jenner advises sticking to the same tonal colours and wear a larger pattern on one piece and a smaller version on the other. “So, you might wear the Marni jacket with a slim pant in a smaller houndstooth pattern.” Her favourite piece if you just want to add a little check to your look is the Acne scarf. “It’s oversized and luxurious, and comes in lots of different checked colourways.”




SOL SANA Florence Boot

NAGNATA - Ethical!




BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is the co-founder of Primer. She favours a Prince of Wales check

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