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Spotted! Your newest wardrobe must-have

Everyone’s going dotty (sorry) for this classic pattern

Felicity Robinson

Apologies for the puns, but there’s something about polka dots that lifts the spirits. This is, after all, the print that inspired the world’s silliest pop song (‘Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’) and obsessed Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama so much that she’s devoted her entire life to it. Literally. She’s painted trees, giant pumpkins and her house with spots. She even covered her poor assistants in spots at one point.

So you might be pleased to discover that this cheerful print is now in style, and a perfectly acceptable trend to wear to the office.

“Small spots – nothing too big – are a way of injecting personality into your wardrobe,” says Tara Morris, our shopping editor. “It’s a feminine print without being a floral.”

Of course, you can wear spots with a clashing print, but for the less outrageously-inclined, polka dots work best if everything else in your outfit is plain and pared-back.

“The pink Equipment blouse would be great with a black pant and heel,” says Tara, adding that the spotty Country Road mules are an even quieter entry point to the trend. “Every item of clothing can take a spot. I think spots can live in your wardrobe forever.”



BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is the co-founder of Primer. She has her eye on those spotty mules

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