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4 Stylists On Their ‘Failsafe Outfits’

We asked fashion editors which looks make them feel most like themselves

By PRIMER team

It was Tibi founder Amy Smilovic who coined the term ‘WOF’ outfits. In a recent Instagram post, she used the acronym (short for ‘Without Fail’) describe the wardrobe pieces and looks that just always, miraculously work.

And judging by the thousands of ‘likes’ and numerous comments that the post received, it’s a concept that plenty of women relate to. After all, there’s nothing more comforting than an outfit that you can return to again and again, and always look and feel good.

So, we asked three stylists and fashion editors to share their failsafe looks (or WOF outfits) – the outfits or outfit formulas that make them feel like them.

Stylist and PRIMER contributor Lucy Wood

Lucy has worked as a fashion editor for InStyle, and styled for Cool Pretty Cool, PRIMER and more 

“This is not my everyday go-to combo. However, it’s an ‘outfit recipe’ I come back to time and time again when I have no idea what to wear. And with a few tweaks it can be great for many occasions and seasons.

“I love a statement skirt. With an oversized tee, sandals and tote, it’s relaxed enough for Sunday lunch but has a little more pizazz than the jeans and shirts I’ve been wearing all week. Come nighttime, I swap out the tee for a black crewneck jumper, kitten heels, earrings and a clutch.” 

UNIQLO trench


Tara Morris, stylist and PRIMER contributor

Tara has worked as a fashion editor at marie claire and SHOP Til You Drop, and styled for PRIMER and brands like The ICONIC

“A great pair of denim jeans is key to my wardrobe. I like to have a few on rotation as I wear them so often (and eventually wear them through). And I still love sweaters, even out of iso. NK Essentials is a local label I love.

“Then there’s my Gucci loafers, which I sourced from a vintage store in Japan, and instantly dress up whatever I’m wearing. Lastly, my oversized Sandro blazer (similar to this style) is pulled from of my wardrobe all year round to wear. It’s a no brainer for an instant polished look (and dresses up my sweaters).”

Natalie Mell, fashion writer

Natalie has worked as a fashion writer for magazines like InStyle

“Relaxed tailoring is always a failsafe – it offers enough structure to make me feel pulled together without looking too stiff. Confidence and comfort in one. The same goes for low block-heeled boots; super easy to run around in and polished enough to take you anywhere.

“I live in pants during the cooler months and I love the modern silhouette this high-waited wide-leg cut delivers – I’ll just tuck in a shirt and go. When it comes to colour, I’m not afraid of a bold hue, but if I’m throwing an outfit together, I know I’ll always feel good in pared-back neutrals. Small gold hoops with a little sparkle are my go-to finishing touch.”

Jana Pokorny, fashion stylist 

Jana was previously the executive fashion director of marie claire and has styled for a range of brands and magazines

“I like to dress a bit ‘man-style’. I’ve always preferred pants to skirts or dresses – I just feel more comfortable in them. I love tailored pants at the moment or silk pyjama style are also on rotation  A black suit – whether worn together or separately – is my go-to. I add touches of femininity with soft shirts or great shoes.

“I’ve always loved blazers, and I love a trench. I throw them over everything – they’re easy and classic and can be worn over anything from a great dress to an easy pair of jeans.”

Acne blazer


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