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Super-Stylish Valentine’s Day Experiences

Forget flowers or roses. In fact, forget more ‘stuff’ in general

Felicity Robinson & Anna Saunders

Generally speaking, Valentine’s Day is not something we embrace. After all, what’s so loveable about over-priced restaurant meals or cheesy cards?

But after the past year, we’ll take any excuse to celebrate. So, here’s a list of stylish experiences you can enjoy together.

A voucher for Unyoked

Social isolation at home in your tiny apartment is one thing. But enjoying the isolated wilderness of the great outdoors is quite another. We love Unyoked, which offers unique, off-the-grid cabins, tiny houses and wilderness experiences around Australia. Book a gift voucher now.

A Well Read subscription

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of this book subscription service, which delivers a handpicked literary title to your door every month. The best bit? You can buy one for your Galentine or Valentine and then borrow it yourself afterwards.

A Masterclass Pass

Is your other half a budding Gordon Ramsay? Do they dream of taking photographs like Annie Leibowitz? Buy a Masterclass pass and they can access classes from experts like Ramsay and Leibowitz.

A Good Pair Days subscription

Treat your partner to a monthly delivery of wine from Australian company Good Pair Days which delivers personalised recommendations. And let’s be honest, they probably can’t drink all that wine alone….

Take a Wine Journey

While we’re on the subject of wine (and tbh it’s a favourite of ours), we’re keen to try new travel-inspired wine retailer Wine Journey, whose Signature cases offer a virtual tour through famous regions, such as Chianti or the Rhine Valley. Each ‘tour’ runs for three months, with six bottles of hand-picked wine delivered each month, complete with tour notes tackling the places, people and philosophy behind the wine.

Watch a movie on a boat

We’ve watched too many movies on our sofa recently – time to get out and sit around in more exotic locations. We love Sydney’s Movinboat, where you can watch a film while floating on Darling Harbour, and Embla’s pop-up cinema on the roof of the Melbourne Theosophical Society (closed now thanks to lockdown but that’s only for the next five days. Probably.).



BY Felicity Robinson & Anna Saunders

Fliss and Anna are the co-founders of PRIMER

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