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The Fashion Piece We’re Always Complimented On

Five fashion insiders on ‘that’ wardrobe item

Anna Saunders

Fashion stylists are no strangers to compliments about their outfits. But even they have hero pieces – items that practically operate as magnets for comments, compliments and envious admiration.

We asked five stylish women about the pieces in their wardrobes that consistently receive the most attention. 


Lil Jenner on her Lee Mathews Trench

Lil is a stylist and fashion editor, whose work has appeared in marie claire, InStyle among others. 

“I’m a trench coat girl. I always have been. Its a style that works on me and never goes out of date. This year I bought a Lee Mathews trench which has a check print that is different on one half compared to the other. 

“Every time I wear it I get complimented. I think it’s the unexpected mix of classic, with a touch of new and fun, that draws people in. It’s such a great piece because it doesn’t matter what you have on underneath, everyone’s looking at the coat.”

Sara Crampton on her Matteau swimsuit 

Sara is the founder and buyer for The Undone, and also posts at Harper and Harley. 

“This is my favourite swimsuit and I’ve had it for a few summers now. I often get compliments on it (mainly from my husband as he’s usually the one I go to the beach with!) He probably picks up on the fact that I feel my best in an elegant yet understated swimsuit, and give off a more confident vibe.

“This swimsuit is perfect as it acts as a bodysuit that you can effortlessly style with a wrap skirt, shorts or linen pants pre and post swim – like these below.” 

Tara Morris on her Celine jacket

Tara is a stylist at The Iconic, and her work has appeared in fashion magazines such as marie claire

“I bought this Celine blazer at an outlet store in New York and it was the world’s best find. I tend to get comments about it – possibly because it has quite a shine to it and because the green colour is slightly unusual. It’s not your typical, plain black blazer. 

“I often wear it with jeans and a white t-shirt or I might dress it up with black trousers and rhinestone earrings.” 


Aileen Marr on her by Charlotte necklace 

Aileen is a fashion director at Grazia, and her work has appeared in Teen Vogue, US Glamour and more.

This necklace is so easy to wear that I hardly ever take it off, and it’s just become part of me. I often get compliments on it – maybe because of its petite delicacy.

“I tend to suit fine jewellery (as much as I like to style with with statement pieces). These days I like to layer my necklaces, adding different styles, pendants and beaded chains to have more fun with my look.”


Danika Murphy on her ‘everyday hat

Danika is the founder of Wellington Factory

“I’ve received compliments about this hat not only from girls that I pass on the street but also guys! I love it because you can scrunch it, fold it, roll it up…you can literally keep it in the bottom of your bag and if you are having a bad hair day or you just want to hide your face from the world you just pull it out and away you go.

“Because bucket hats are more on the tom boy side I like to wear them with something unexpected like a pretty dress or a simple black tunic and loafers. I think this combo makes the hat look clean and sophisticated.”


BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of PRIMER and considers peeking into the wardrobes of stylish women to be a perk of the job

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