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Top Shelf With Marisa Meltzer

From The Babysitter’s Club to Jane Eyre, discover what the Glossy author loves to read

By Laura Brading

You might be a fan of her wellness experiences published in the New York Times. Perhaps you enjoy her celebrity profiles that offer an insight into what the homes of the rich and famous smell like (“aggressively of cedar”, as was the case with Gwyneth). Or maybe you’ve attended one of her yoga classes at the ultra-trendy NYC studio where she teaches.

There is much to admire about Marisa Meltzer’s output of work, namely her knack for stylish storytelling about specific cultural moments. Reading her is like hanging out with your friend who knows as much about French beauty trends as she does the Russian classics, and who doesn’t mind the occasional gossip session.

A journalist based in Manhattan, Meltzer has covered beauty, fashion, wellness and celebrity industries for publications such as The New Yorker, Vogue and Vanity Fair. The author of three previous books, This Is BigHow Sassy Changed My Life, and Girl Power, Meltzer’s latest release Glossy charts the rise of the billion-dollar company Glossier.

As she prepares to visit Australia for the All About Women Festival, I caught up with Meltzer to chat about all things books…

A book you return to or have re-read.
The Secret History. I read it for the first time right after it came out in 1992 and read it every other year at least. Usually in the fall because it’s so autumnal!

A book you read in a single sitting.
Conversations With Friends. I zoomed through it in a Mexico City hotel room one evening, taking it with me even to the bath.


Meltzer's book is a deep dive into the rise of billion-dollar beauty brand Glossier and its enigmatic founder Emily Weiss

A book you’re embarrassed to have loved but loved all the same.
Anything from The Baby-Sitters Club series. Are they good? Sort of? They’re definitely for 11-year-olds, but I gobbled them up as a kid and can still have hours long conversations about the characters.

A book that changed your perspective.
Anna Karenina. I taught a seminar on this book in January and realised how much of the quiet parts of country life I enjoyed in it and how much of a red herring the title is. It made me think about what I prioritise and truly enjoy in my own life.

I still have the illustrated hardcover copy my mother gave me when I was about 10

You’re going on a week-long holiday. What is the correct number of books to take with you?
Five. One or two novels I am really excited about. One that’s a classic I’ve been meaning to read. A spare novel in case I give up on any others. And then at least one, maybe two, works of nonfiction.

The book you’ve loved the longest.
Jane Eyre. I still have the illustrated hardcover copy my mother gave me when I was about 10. I reread the love confession scene in the garden all the time.

Glossy by Marisa Meltzer is published by Simon & Schuster and is out now.


BY Laura Brading

Laura is PRIMER's books editor

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