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No Logo? No Problem. Why Unbranded Caps Have Made A Fashion Comeback

And how to wear them…

By Anna Saunders

There was a time when baseball caps were reserved exclusively for exercise-related activities. Playing tennis. Walking the dog. Covering up messy hair on your way to the gym. That sort of thing.

But this year, caps are demanding their share of the fashion limelight. No longer content to be the casual full-stop atop an equally off-duty outfit, caps are increasingly being styled with more elevated outfits – whether that’s with jeans and a winter coat or even a tailored blazer.

The trend first cropped up when Celine – who else? – put baseball caps on the runway for spring/summer 2021, and since then it’s been adopted by countless street style stars and celebrities.

“Adding a sporty accessory to a polished look feels very fresh right now,” observes stylist Lucy Wood, who pulled together this edit, and points to the rise of retro and “dad” sneakers paired with suits and denim.

And while logomania still reigns, Wood says that the creeping countertrend is plain logo-less caps. Think Kendall Roy in Succession or Jacquemus’ $129 unbranded, plain, white cotton cap. Not that you need to spend that much on a cap – as proved by Lucy’s edit, below.

Photo: Sarah Adamson 

Lift Down






Country Road


E Nolan




BY Anna Saunders

Anna is the co-founder of PRIMER. You will not catch her in a $129 unbranded cap. Or indeed any $129 cap.

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