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The Return Of The Sarong

They’re everywhere this summer – here’s 12 of the best

By Felicity Robinson

Alongside a book, the sarong is the perfect beach accessory, says PRIMER stylist Lucy Wood. “They’re so versatile – the ‘choose your own adventure’ item in your wardrobe.”

You can wear them low-slung on the hip over swimwear or a simple singlet, she adds, or folded and wrapped as a bandeau top. “They look chic tied over a white shirt on a summer night.”

So it’s puzzling that this simple rectangle of beach-friendly fabric has spent so long in the sartorial wilderness, along with its winter cousin, the pashmina. They were every woman’s best friend in the 90s, until they… weren’t.


The sarong is the perfect beach accessory

Lucy suspects their fall from grace was boho-related: “When I thought of sarongs, I used to picture the tie-dye ones with tassels you’d find at hotel gift shops.”

This time round, they’re much more elevated, with geometric patterns that look as good on the street as poolside. Banded Together’s diagonal-striped version has a plain trim that cascades beautifully when it’s tied on the hip, while Jac+Jack’s pink and orange version looks great with simple black bathers and a black short-sleeve shirt (you can see the look modelled onsite).

Lucy always wears hers with a shirt for sun-protection and has been keeping an eye out for original 90s sarongs. “There are some great vintage finds around, or – even better – you may be able to re-circulate any that have been languishing in your wardrobe.” Here’s her pick of the best new versions.





Jac + Jack


BY Felicity Robinson

Felicity is PRIMER's co-founder and has several 90s sarongs just waiting to be let out

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